Tea with E-Artistry

What’s with the tea?

Well sit back and relax and we’ll tell you.

We are really excited here at E-Artistry because this is our very first blog post. Seeing that we love tea, we found it fitting that we name our blog “Tea with E-Artistry”. It sort of has a ring to it. Imagine that no matter where you are when you read this blog that we are sitting down with you sipping on our favorite teas respectively and “spilling” on our best tips from any where to refreshing your home and work space; to how to set a formal or informal table; to what is the best way to organize and take notes, to preparing a seating chart for your wedding or special occasion. We are obsessed with magnets & magnetic boards, cupcakes and cards, books and the bookmarks that go in them. You get the idea.

Join us on this wonderful ride in the weeks and months ahead as we delve into tips and ideas to help you with the everyday and not so everyday; special occasions and more in your life. We are looking forward to taking this journey with you and hope that when you think of us from our blog to our products and ideas that we are ever so happy to share; that a smile passes over your face. For if so, we know that we have done our job in making your space no matter where it may be or any occasion that you find yourself in, just that much better.


Erika & Renee C.



Tea you say?

Tea, yes tea. I’ll have two cups please.

Erika C.Tea, E-Artistry Blog