Art & Gifts

Inspiration comes at any time. E-Artistry Art & Gifts are truly inspired as we draw from our love of color and fashion. Art and Gift ranges have a seasonal approach to design. We enjoy Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer giving our products the right amount of "West Coast Chic with an East Coast Touch.™ "


E-Artistry Art

E-Artistry art is designed with canvas, watercolor, stones, rubber bands, beads, marker, pencil and various other media.

E-Artistry Prints 

Our prints are hand illustrated originals created in our Design Studio in Edmonton. Our prints can be found on our tag bookmarks, cards, stationary, art and gifts.


E-Artistry Gifts

Inspiration for our gifts range come from some of our favorite things. At E-Artistry we love teacups, teapots, mugs, magnetic boards, embelilshed writing insturments, keychains and monogrammed jewellry to name a few.